Activities which support our mission values :

  • Regular house visits within our allocated regions.
  • Youth groups to enable growth within the youth in Christian faith and spirituality.
  • Prepare people to receive the sacraments.
  • Organize and conduct camps, seminars, meditation, and prayer groups.
  • Visit the sick at home and in hospitals.
  • Counsel and conduct prayer sessions.
  • Support the parish priests, in church related activities.
  • Administer and mobilize resources effectively.
  • Network with government services and professionals.

  1. Vocation Camp:
    These are informative camps. Here interested candidates are invited to come and experience the life style of the sisters. If they show an interest they are encouraged to stay. These services are free for all candidates and all costs are borne by the Vice Province.
  2. Aspirants Period:
    Aspirant's House is at Trissur, Kerala. This is an entry period. During this period the candidates learn about the History of the Congregation, Lifestyle of the Sisters, Liturgy and History of various rites. As part of their practical work they are involved in missionary work.
  3. Postulancy Period:
    Postulancy house is at Wardha, Maharashtra. During this period the candidates learn about their relationship with Christ, Charism of the Congregation and Church History. This is a formative period for all candidates who have opted to become Sisters of The Daughters of Mary.
  4. Novitiate Period:
    Novitiate House is at Pongumoodu, Kerala State together with St. Mary’s Province. When a novice enters this period they, return to their respective mother province. They are taught to meditate, pray and form a fellowship with other sisters and God.
  5. Regency Period:
    This is a practical awareness period. The candidates are placed with sisters in the field and they are trained by giving practical experiences.
  6. Juniorate Period:
    Fifth year, juniors are called together for one year for the juniorate Course staying in a common house (Aluva) under the Generalate.

We aim to promote the love of God among the people we serve. Our services can be divided into four heads;
  • Mission Apostolate
  • Education
  • Health
  • Social Welfare
The missionary zeal in spreading the word of God by being pure and poor for the kingdom of God, is the dedication of our sisters in bearing witness to the gospel. Apostolic activities such as:
  • Spreading the good news of the gospel
  • Bringing people together in unity and a common bond
  • Integration, and
  • Equity and social justice
The above mentioned apostolic activities are attained in communities through
  • Spirituality - living the gospels to preach the world of Christ.
  • Integrity - being consistently committed and focused in our decision and activities.
  • Respect - showing respect for self and others.
  • Fairness to others - ensuring just decisions are made through open dialogue, empowerment, dignity and self decision – making.
  • Care - acting and committed to ensure the welfare of others.
  • Values - sharing and proclaiming the teaching of Jesus through the value.
  • Justice inclusion and equality, gospel values become a visible focus.
In order to carry out its apostolic mission the Amala Vice-Province has taken the following steps.
They are:
  1. Home Mission:-
    In order to foster the house visiting irrespective of caste or creed creating a rapport with people around and studying their situation, sisters are allotted different areas, so that all the possible physical & spiritual helps are made available for the people around. The love and mercy of Jesus is witnessed here. Illiteracy and ignorance of the people are removed.
  2. Zonal Meetings
    Amala Vice-Province is divided into two zones in order to inculcate, increase and strengthen the missionary zeal and motivate the missionary activities. Every zone has a selected zonal Animators and secretary. Every 3 months zonal meetings will be held to evaluate and encourage the missionary activities of sisters. Each zone makes its own action plan and carries them out.
  3. Catechism and Prayer Meetings:-
    Every Sunday in the parish level and every day in the school level Catechism is taught by the sisters. They prepare children and adults for Sacraments, visiting houses and say Rosary and conduct prayer meetings.
  4. Missionary Activities through Associations
    Youth are guided and led through many associations like Youth Movement, Mission league, Legion of Mary, Vincent De Paul etc. And children are guided through Bala sakhim, Little way Association. Through association people join us to extend their helping hand.
  5. Mobile Mission Team: The purpose of this team is to serve God and to provide service for the poor. We offer support, affirmation and practical help to share the love of God with all those who have no opportunity to know God's love. This team moves through villages and engages in active mission work. Currently we have sisters working in the following ministries:Parish Chaplaincy, Parish visits and care of elderly people, Social work, health care in hospitals, nursing education, community outreach programs, prayer group meetings, counseling, sharing God's word in public and Youth ministries.


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