Who we are :

Congregation of Daughters of Mary is a Missionary Congregation founded by late Monsignor Joseph Kuzhinjalil in the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church, during the early days of the Re-union Movement in 1938 at Marthandom, Kanyakumari district, with three members, by the paternal blessing and consent of late Archbishop His Grace Mar Ivanios (Servant of God). Mother Mary Kallarackal was the Co-foundress and the first member of the Congregation.

The primary mission of the Congregation is to bring the Good News to the poor and neglected, concentrating in families for their integrated development. The Motto of our Congregation is “That all may be one.” The Congregation was bifurcated in 1987 and was raised to the pontifical status in 1988 by His Holiness Pope John Paul II.

Amala Vice Province takes its name from Mary the Mother of God In 1981 it commenced as a mission station in Durgapur at Chanda, with three sisters. Our mission was to assist the parish priest to better service the needs of a growing community. In 1987, the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary was bifurcated into two provinces, St Mary’s and St Joseph’s. At its inception Amala Mission came under the umbrella of St. Mary’s Province.

In 1981 on November 1st , the first Community of Daughters of Mary was established at Durgapur, a sleepy remote hamlet in the outskirts of the ancient Chanda fort. Accepting the affectionate invitation of His Excellency late Rt.Rev.Dr. Januarius C.M.I., the founder Bishop of Chanda Diocese. Daughters of Mary began their mission of healing the spiritually and physically impoverished tried like people of the region.

In 1987 the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary was bifureated into two provinces St. Joseph’s and St. Mary’s. At its inception Amala Mission came under the umbrella of St. Mary’s Province.

In 2000 it was given regional status by Mother Provincial Rev. Mother Francina the Provincial Superior and the Council of sisters with the approval of Mother General, Mother Felix, Rev. Sr. Felicitta was appointed as the Regional Superior. On 23rd July 2005, it was declared as a Vice Province by Mother General, Rev. Mother Francina. With the appointment of a provincial team as its governing body, Amala Province became a Vice Province. Mother Prima is the present Vice Provincial Superior.

Today Amala Vice Province is a vibrant, vice province which has developed into one of the major contributors serving the needs of the seven dioceses. This visionary province, which is culturally diverse, fosters tolerance and encourages the development of the individual. Its program centers focus on the provision of knowledge, spirituality and skills to enhance individual empowerment and dignity.

A combination of vision, prayer, resources and dedicated sisters makes Amala Province a forerunner in missionary vision, both within the congregation and within the seven dioceses. It consists of thirteen convents and thirty five mission stations. There are sixty seven members and thirty candidates. The province encompasses seven dioceses.


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