Amala Vice-Province is aware of the challenges of contemporary life and the support it needs to provide between ethical, moral, philosophical and political choices people need to make.

  • Provide free tuition classes for academically and economically disadvantaged students.
  • Administer three higher secondary schools and four nursery schools, located in Maharashtra.
  • Develop counselling services for economically disadvantaged students to enable them to function independently.
  • Renew evangelization, Conduct camps within schools, to help students grow in Christian faith, self esteem and skills.
  • Review adult literacy and skills education programs
  • Continue to implement Fr.Joseph Kuzhinjalil Memorial Scholarships, to recognize and support students of academic excellence.
  • Provide seminar halls, retreat and meditation hostels, and counselling services to assist and direct the youth in their Christian faith and values.
  • Conduct teacher development and refresher courses.
  • Prioritize information between parents, students, teachers and the institution to encourage an open working relationship.


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