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1. Vocation Camp:
These are informative camps.Here interested candidates are invited to come and experience the life style of the sisters. If they show an interest they are encouraged to stay. These services are free for all candidates and all costs are borne by the Province.

2. Aspirants Period:
This is an entry period. During this period the candidates learn about the History of the Congregation, Lifestyle of the Sisters, Liturgy and History of the Malankara rite. As part of their practical work they are involved in missionary work.

3. Postulancy Period:
During this period the candidates learn about their relationship with Christ, Carism of the Congregation and Church History. This is a formative period for all candidates who have opted to become Sisters of The Daughters of Mary.

4. Novitiate Period:
When a novice enters this period they, return to their respective mother province. They are taught to meditate, pray and form a fellowship with other sisters and God.

5. Regency Period:
This is a practical awareness period. The candidates are placed with sisters in the field and they are trained using practical experiences.

6. Juniorate Period:

On completion of the above phases and a probationary period of study and work, the candidates prepare themselves for their final profession The Sisters are now awarded a Reverend Sister status and they are sent into the field to be involved in independent work or sometimes they work within a team.
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