Monsignor Joseph Kuzhinjalil
Mother Mary Kallarackal
Congregation of Daughters of Mary is a Missionary Congregation founded by late Monsignor Joseph Kuzhinjalil in the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church, during the early days of the Re-union Movement in 1938 at Marthandom, Kanyakumari district, with three members, by the paternal blessing and consent of late Archbishop His Grace Mar Ivanios (Servant of God). Mother Mary Kallarackal was the Co-foundress and the first member of the Congregation.

The primary mission of the Congregation is to bring the Good News to the poor and neglected, concentrating in families for their integrated development. The Motto of our Congregation is “That all may be one.” The Congregation was bifurcated in 1987 and was raised to the pontifical status in 1988 by His Holiness Pope John Paul II.

St. Joseph’s Province is one of province that emerged as a result of bifurcation from the Congregation of Daughters of Mary in the year 1987. The sacrificial efforts put by the nuns resulted in widening the services and flourished the Congregation in a very short span of time. But as it developed, it began to render its services among the impoverished people living in Southern parts of India. Today, with the view of ensuring better service and access to the disadvantaged people, St. Joseph’s Province was further bifurcated into two provinces named Nirmala Province and Kristuraja province. The Province is headed by the Provincial Superior and Team members. At present Rev. Sr. Vijaya- D.M is the Provincial Superior. At present there are 32 convents and three service centers throughout India and aboard.


Each DM Sister is called “to be Pure and Poor for the Kingdom of God, to live and proclaim the Word of God and abandon oneself to the Providential love to reach in perfect love.” (Our Charism)
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