Goal and Mission

"By being pure and poor for the kingdom of God"

Our charism is being pure and poor for the kingdom of God we follow a seven fold frame work that helps us to attain our mission. They are:

  1. Love - love God and all people.

  2. Prayer - living the gospel and developing a sense of unity with God through prayer.

  3. Stewardship - managing our resources, both individual and spiritual.

  4. Justice- valuing human dignity and self worth. Ensuring all our decisions are just and honest.

  5. Spirituality - living in unity with God and by responding to the teachings of the gospel in a spirit of prayer and love.

  6. Compassion - we as God’s servants, reach out to others in their every day lives with gentleness love and compassion.

  7. Values - we the sisters in the Daughters of Mary believe in the values of
    • Loving God and all people

    • The gospels are our inspiration and an active means of serving God and renewing the lives of people.

    • If we love our neighbor we love God.

    • Human dignity and self worth are important to all people.

    • Prayer is an important means of developing our relationship with God.

    • Justice and by confronting injustice, people may be freed from oppression.

    • Ministering to the communities within the diocesan setting.

    • Fostering understanding and dialogue between peoples of different culture; religion and social background.

    • Dignity of every person and to promote love, justice and peace in all our ministries.
The sisters in the St. Joseph’s Province aim at promoting love of God among the people in desperate need of help and support.


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