Team Members
St. Joseph’s Province has flourished because of the consistent efforts and dedication of the sisters. It is headed by the Provincial Superior.

Its decentralized administration helps the province to take responsibility and lead, in order to create pathways of spirituality, social justice, self dignity, peace, love, and compassion, so that all those whose lives we touch may come to know God more fully.

Each program within the province is managed by the team members

  • Mother Vijaya D.M : Mother Provincial
  • Sr. Rose Francis D.M : Asst. Provincial
  • Sr. Beromeo D.M : Councilor
  • Sr. Patsy Francis D.M : Counsilor
  • Sr. Anila Christy D.M : Counsilor
  • Sr. Naveen George D.M : Treasurer
  • Sr. Jeo Mary D.M : Secretary


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