Congregation of Daughters of Mary is a Missionary Congregation founded by late Monsignor Joseph Kuzhinjalil in the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church, during the early days of the Re-union Movement in 1938 at Marthandom, Kanyakumari district, with three members, by the paternal blessing and consent of late Archbishop His Grace Mar Ivanios (Servant of God). Mother Mary Kallarackal was the Co-foundress and the first member of the Congregation.

The primary mission of the Congregation is to bring the Good News to the poor and neglected, concentrating in families for their integrated development. The Motto of our Congregation is “That all may be one.” The Congregation was bifurcated in 1987 and was raised to the pontifical status in 1988 by His Holiness Pope John Paul II.

St. Mary's Province was bifurcated from the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary in the year 1987. The province comprises of forty three convents which are located in Kerala States in India and abroad. They set a rigorous standard and pace in the achievement of spirituality, social equality and human justice.

This province consists of two hundred and eighty two sisters and seventy five candidates. The sisters are engaged in active service within ten major Dioceses. The present Provincial Superior is Mother Lissue jose D.M.

Saint Mary's province can be acknowledged for its services to the disadvantaged and marginalized. We strive to live the gospel by sharing our life together as a community. We are grateful for this community spirit which encourages us to love and serve generously and selflessly. We serve our communities through education, social welfare, pastoral care, social justice, spirituality and its value for human dignity. We provide an extensive support network which is necessary to fulfill the purpose of the Congregation, which is "To be pure and poor for the kingdom of God."
  • St Mary's Province is a community based province which bases its foundation on prayer, the Eucharist and love of Jesus Christ. It is administered by a governing body of professed sisters. It's spiritual and missionary services, support and build up the Church and its values within the communities. We work to spread Christianity and the unity of all Christians, where the love of Christ becomes visible and shared.

Each DM Sister is called “to be Pure and Poor for the Kingdom of God, to live and proclaim the Word of God and abandon oneself to the Providential love to reach in perfect love.” (Our Charism)

Our values guide our mission statement which states "To be poor and pure for the kingdom of God."
  • Spirituality:
    Our commitment to living the gospels, spreading God's word, devotion to truth, poverty, and love of all persons.
  • Service:
    Our commitment to respond to and serve in a dignified manner those in need.
  • Compassion:
    Our commitment to serve God's people with dignity, mercy and love.
  • Excellence:
    Our commitment to manage and deliver quality services and resources.
  • Self Dignity:
    Our commitment to value and respect the independence, inclusion and cultural diversity of all persons.
  • Justice:
    Our commitment to believe, act and work with integrity to ensure justice is delivered to all persons.
  • Care:
    Our commitment to provide a service which shows reverence and respect for all persons



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