St Mary's Province, is committed to the teachings of the gospels, which promotes Christian values and the development of the individual's spiritual and intellectual growth. We provide an education for children and young adults who come from different religions, creeds, social and ethnic backgrounds.


Our schools and colleges are a reflection of the community's needs and values. We promote growth of the whole person, through compassion, understanding, value, self respect and human justice in order to create a sense of responsibility and cater for the needs of the community.

St Mary's Province has combined the congregation of sisters and the community through love of God and love for his people. It aims to be a living example of the teachings of the Scriptures.

The education programs hope to create a vibrant community which supports the beliefs, values and traditions of the people and the community.

It is the belief of our congregation that education is the only tool which will bring about a transformation in the lives of people. With this understanding in mind, our province has established academic institutions and trade skills centers which will help to bring about a transformation in the lives of people.

Karuniya Special School:

Our mission at this school is to include mentally challenged children into the education system. This is a free school for mentally disadvantaged children who come from marginalized families. It can accommodate up to 57 children.

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Daughters of Mary Swanthwana Progamme
Swanthwana is for mentally challenged children. This program is created specifically for educating children. For us this means enabling all children to reach the fullness of their potential as individuals created by God in His own image. This program supports one hundred and thirty five mentally challenged children.

Gandhi Industrial Training School:
The mission of Gandhi Industrial Training School is to enable disadvantaged, unemployed young women find work in a skills career. Our government certified courses enable young uneducated women to become independent, self sufficient young adults. They now have the potential for growth, independence and advancement. Thus creating a rewarding future for them and their families. More than one thousand two hundred and two students have benefited from this program.



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