St. Mary's Province health care programs provide a healing ministry for the community. We aim to follow the teachings and example of Christ through this ministry.

The congregation aims to provide:

  • Healthcare which gives hope to all people with whom we interact.
  • Developing an understanding of the importance of good health.
  • Relating to and working with people who are neglected and abandoned by society.
  • Managing our human and physical resources.
  • Working towards equality and social justice.

St Mary's Province is a witness to the healing touch and presence of God's love within our communities. We have healing ministry and bring Christ's love and hope to all those who seek our help. As part of promoting health awareness, health care and improving the general hygiene of the community, our province runs hospitals. Sister Felix is the Director of Health services.

St. Joseph Hospital is a Three hundred bed hospital. It is a specialty hospital which provides a range of radiotherapy, medical, surgical, maternity, gynecological, pediatric, oncology diagnostic, emergency and intensive care services. It also has a Nursing College attached to it. It is situated at Anchal, Kollam District in Kerala and provides a service to the surrounding regions.

Nirmala Hospital is a one hundred bed hospital, it is situated at Kalluvathukal in Kerala State. It provides specialized medical services to the community. The sisters also work at Government funded Tuberculosis Hospital and Medical College Hospital in Trivandrum. Here they nurse patients suffering from Tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. We also provide mother and child care facilities, free medicines, vaccinations, nutrition, hygiene and infant care programs free of charge.


Good Samaritan and Santhinikethan are our community service centers, they take care of people who live in remote regions too far from hospitals. If patients require specialized treatment they are admitted to our Medical College Hospital in Trivandrum. This is a free service for the socially disadvantaged.


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