Social Service
St Mary's Province provides a healing ministry for the health and well being of the community. We follow the teachings of Jesus who showed care and social support for the welfare of those who are marginalized, disadvantaged, poor and powerless. As a focus of our healing ministry, we work towards bringing justice and inclusion into the community, so that self dignity and self worth are respected and supported.


Our programs support a range of welfare activities, because we believe that self dignity and self worth involves the whole person, their home, work and social standing within the community. We network with a number of government agencies to support those most in need.

Snehalayam Balikabavan:
Snehalayam Balikabavan is a free boarding for children from disadvantaged and broken families. It is located at Kottarakkara, Kerala. This centre is funded by the Provincial House. It can accommodate up to one hundred and thirty four children.

    Mary Matha Balabhavan:

    This is a free child care centre of working parents. It is supported by the Provincial House. It can accommodate up to 40 young children. It is located at Vettithitta, Kerala.

    St. Joseph’s Orphanage, Munnamoodu
    This is a free boarding for girls from disadvantaged and broken families. This centre is founded by the French Family. It can accommodate up to 125 children.

    Karunalayam, Home for the Aged, Pothencode
    This is a free home for senior citizens provide adequate spiritual, social support and are responsible for the welfare of senior citizens. This home in general provides accommodation, food, clothing, Medicare, recreation to all its participants. So far it has been a support to more than 100 senior citizens.

    Unity house:
    This hostel is specifically meant for the welfare of young children. Children accommodated at this center are from broken and vulnerable families. They are provided with free food, accommodation, education, religious education and trade skills. Daughters of Mary integrated Child Development Programme:
    Children from economically disadvantaged families are assisted by this program. They are provided with monetary support to improve their education, nutrition and health.

    Sanjo Book Binding Centre:
    The Sanio Book Binding Centre employs uneducated, unemployed and underemployed young women. It is a rapidly growing small industry. Ten young girls are permanently employed at this centre. They bind text books and notes pads which are sold in our schools.

    Mar Gregorious Tailoring & Embroidery School:
    Mar Gregorious tailoring and Embroidery School believes that no young woman should have to forego an opportunity to be self sufficient and skilled because of her economic or education circumstances.

    At this centre we seek to improve the self dignity, independence and well-being of young women. By teaching them a skill we enhance their quality of life and improve the living standards of the whole community. This training centre creates an awareness of the need to be self supporting and self sufficient.

    Mar Gregorious Computer centre:
    This centre enables adolescents and young adults to develop their computer awareness, understanding and the application of technology. The skills they learn enable them to find employment and become fully functional in society. Several hundreds young adults have benefited from this program

    Vocation Camp: Vocation classes provide special training in computer education, embroidery, and tailoring. They help young adults to improve their existing skills to prepare them for a future career.

    Nava Jothi Centre:
    This centre prepares young girls to produce sacramental materials and handicrafts.

    Tailoring School:
    Young girls are given training in tailoring and dressmaking. These skills prepare them for future employment and enable them to become self sufficient.

    D.M. Home for the aged:
    Senior citizens who have no one to take care for them are accommodated at this home. They are given free medical, social and spiritual needs are taken care of at the centre. It also doubles as a recreation centre for the community.

    Help Age India:
    This program provides financial assistance to senior citizens who have no means of supporting themselves financially. They live at home and the assistance they receive helps them to lead independent lives.

    Marriage Assistance:
    Financial assistance is provided to young couples who plan to marry. So far several hundreds who are economically disadvantaged have received assistance through this scheme.

    Educational Assistance:
    This program provides education assistance to underprivileged children. So far thousands of children have benefited from this scheme.

    Through this program, houses are constructed for the most disadvantaged people. Many of these people have lost their homes as a result of a natural disaster.


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