Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects which Mary Martha Vice Province faces by virtue of its complexity is real life dilemmas. These consist of a range of social, cultural, behavioral, religious and moral values. To promote health care, a number of initiatives are identified and implemented. These priorities form Mary Martha Vice Province's strategic health plan.

1. Dispensaries:
  • Mary Martha Vice Province explicitly provides welfare, health, social, ethical and religious support and services through two dispensaries.
  • Its endeavors are guided by a fundamental concern for justice and equity, and the dignity of all human beings.
These dispensaries provide free amenities and services to rural and tribal people.

2. Medical Service:
  • Through fostering and advancing education in hygiene, health care and child care, Mary Martha Vice province seeks to make a specific contribution to its local, rural and tribal communities.
  • The sisters provide nursing care at hospitals run by private institutions in Germany and Greensburg in America and in nursing homes in India.



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