Social Work

Mary Martha Vice Province's social plan and mission highlights its commitment to the neutrality of support and integration within the community. The Plan formally commits the province to the ongoing development of quality teaching, learning and pastoral care and directs its attention to the following:

Boarding House:
A boarding house provides welfare, support and duty of care for orphans and disadvantaged children. This boarding house accommodates one hundred and twenty children.

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Bala Mandhir:
At Bala Mandir teaching and learning attends to the spiritual, moral, values and ethical well being of school children. Its primary focus is on equity and sensitivity to social justice.

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The creche provides effective duty of care which is part of the context of the mission statement objectives of Mary Matha Vice Province.

It provides day care, food and support for young children, whose parents are disadvantaged and marginalized.

Housing for Homeless families:
The homeless are assisted with housing. They are offered the option to rent or purchase low cost houses. These houses are offered only to homeless people. Up to date more than one thousand three hundred homes have been built.

House Maintenance projects:
The homeless are assisted with housing and other services. These houses are offered only to homeless people.

We provide maintenance and ongoing reconstruction of houses for the marginalized and disadvantaged.

Province is grounded in its concerned for the holistic welfare and progress of senior citizens who are rejected by their families. This service is free to the disadvantaged. Economically independent clients are also admitted to the village.

Province provides a network of services, recreation, healthcare, counselling, food and clothing.

Retreats are conducted for young people to encourage them to take better care of their elderly responsibilities.

Welfare Scheme:
Assists the disadvantaged in a range of basic welfare needs, it fosters and supports independent living and is committed to providing basic amenities to its clients.

Training & Empowerment Projects:
These encourage and create an awareness of the ethical dimensions of issues and problems within the community. Regular training sessions are conducted to educate, inform and assists clients to form broad conceptual understandings of STD / HIV / AIDS, Alcoholism, abortion and Family planning.


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