We aim to be:

  • A visible presence to the people we serve.
  • To provide services which are relevant, distinctive and unique for each individual.
  • To acknowledge value and recognize human dignity.
  • To empower our people to take responsibility for their own welfare and well being
  • To design individual programs to suit the needs of the people we serve.
  • To prepare teaching materials for adults and the children who wish to receive the sacraments, catechism classes and community self help workshops.
  • (Assist in training the youth and parishioners to conduct catechism and moral classes.)

  1. We have two Secondary School and four nursery schools. These are located in different parts of India. Sisters work in the diocesan schools also.
  2. 2. Conduct free tuition classes to academically and economically disadvantaged children.
  3. Counsels economically disadvantaged youth and empower them to accept responsibility for their own needs. We help them by providing suitable and appropriate resources.
  4. Organize and conduct camps at school, to help students to grow in Christian faith and develop a positive self esteem.
  5. Design and deliver adult literacy programs in villages.
  6. Provide and deliver education programs to all those who do not have a basic education.
  7. Identify academically talented students for Fr.Joseph Kuzhinjalil Memorial Scholarship.
  8. Conduct retreats, meditation, seminars and counseling to lead the youth and enable them to grow in Christian faith and biblical values.
  9. Increase professional and teacher training refresher courses.
  10. Promote, facilitate and conduct parent teacher meetings and devise an approach for increasing participation by the parent body.
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