We aim to provide dignity, tolerance, acceptance and understanding of all individuals within the community.

To meet these aims Nirmala Province provides:

A Dispensary:
Nirmala Province runs a dispensary at Kothamangalam Dioces in Malayanji. This dispensary caters for rural and tribal people who are lacking in basic amenities. They have access to free medical treatment. The dispensary is open twenty four hours a day. Two doctors and four nurses service the community.

Medical Service:
Our nursing sisters are actively engaged in private and community's hospitals in India and other countries.

Social Work:
Nirmala Province is committed to inclusivity,equality and social justice as one of the foundations of its service to the community, this has resulted in the following programs being developed.

Boarding school:
The congregation runs a free boarding school for orphans and semi orphaned children. It accommodates sixty students. This school is specifically meant for students who have no facilities to continue their education.

This is a free day care centre for disadvantaged very young children of working families.

Housing for Homeless families:
Marginalized, disadvantaged, homeless people are assisted with low cost houses. So far more than one thousand three hundred people have benefited from this project.

House Maintenance projects:
Through these projects families whose homes which require repair or maintenance are given assistance. So far more than two thousand two hundred and three families have been offered assistance.

Welfare Schemes:
The congregation campaigns against government agencies on behalf of the community they serve. To provide basic amenities such as, electricity, transport, social security, old aged pensions, widows pensions, ration card, and health care for tribal and rural communities.   1

Training & Empowerment Projects:
Awareness programs are conducted on STD, HIV, AIDS, Alcoholism, abortion and family planning.

Self Help Groups:
Women and men self help groups are encouraged and motivated to save. This promotes economic sustainability and assists them to start small businesses. So far more than four hundred and twenty self help groups have been formed and eight thousand four family members have become self sufficient.

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